If you have running hot water in the shower of your apartment complex or the sink of your restaurant kitchen, you probably have your commercial heater to thank for it. Factory owners and service providers put a lot of weight on the shoulders of these devices, so they must schedule regular inspections from time to time to make sure that they are working smoothly.

Professional plumbers recommend checking your commercial hot water heater at least once a year since this benefits your safety, makes the device last longer and be more energy-efficient, and ensures that you are complying with norms and regulations.

How Many Times a Year Should an Inspector Check My Commercial Hot Water Heater?

Ideally, a professional plumber should carry out an inspection of your commercial hot water heater once a year. They will look for any signs of corrosion, sediment building, and leaks that could affect the water flow. Inspectors will also see if there are no temperature issues, such as overheating.

Benefits of Regular Commercial Hot Water Heater Inspections

You Guarantee People’s Safety
One of the primary reasons for regularly inspecting your commercial water heater is to guarantee that your employers and customers are safe and sound. Water heaters produce carbon monoxide emissions, so a leak you don’t keep in check could put the health of people in the building at stake. Inspections control this problem and make sure that gases are within safe parameters.

You Extend Its Lifespan

Inspections will favor not only the people around you but also your unit. For instance, by checking for and removing accumulated sediments, water will heat and flow easily, giving your heater a few more years. Changing corroded parts and fixing leaks can leave your hot water heater like a brand-new one, too.

Inspections are also helpful to detect problems early and to deal with them accordingly, ensuring that your commercial hot water heater lasts a very long time.

You Increase Its Energy Efficiency

Commercial hot water heater inspections help extend your water heater’s lifespan while also making them more energy efficient. Minerals create sediments that accumulate at the bottom of your device, making it harder to heat the water. By removing them, your water heater will take less time to reach your desired temperature and use less energy in the process.

Professional plumbers performing the inspections can also check for ways in which you can make your unit more energy-efficient, helping you get improved results without changing the device altogether.

You Comply with Regulations

If you run a thriving business, you know that complying with national regulations is a vital part of the job. Inspections ensure that your commercial hot water heater uses the required energy while complying with all the necessary safety norms. Professional plumbers conducting the check-up can also handle the repairs to make your unit law-approved and avoid fines or lawsuits.

Is It Time to Replace Your Commercial Hot Water Heater?

Inspecting your commercial hot water heater once a year can make it long-lasting and energy-efficient, as well as guarantee safety and norm compliance. If your water heater needs repair or replacement after an inspection, our Legacy Plumbing Experts team can help!

Request an appointment with us and get five-star services for your unit.

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