It’s the middle of the night and you hear an unsettling bang coming from your pipes, or you’re about to take a long bath and it sounds like your drain is about to spit. Besides being scary or disgusting, these situations could be your plumbing’s way of warning you about an issue that needs fixing. If your sewer, sinks, or toilet starts making certain unfamiliar noises, it might be time for a visit from plumbing experts in Delray.

Plumbing Noises and Their Meaning


As durable as they are, pipes can’t last forever. Even good-quality PVC with a lifespan of a century feels the effects of constantly flowing water. Due to the wear and tear from liquids running through your pipes, fasteners can come loose or fall off, which can cause troublesome leakages.

If you hear rattling sounds in your pipes, chances are you’re facing this problem, and leaving it unfixed could result in water damage to your property and send your water bills through the roof. An expert can easily fix this issue by adjusting or replacing your fasteners.


If there’s no rattling, but it seems like a little man is banging the inside of your pipes, you’re in for a different kind of problem. A piping phenomenon known as a water hammer is behind this noise, and it happens when you suddenly shut off a strong and fast-moving water supply.

If you tend to close your faucets without a second thought, not only will you hear a banging sound from time to time, but air can also get trapped in your pipes. As harmless as the air seems, it can affect water flow and rust your pipes, so call a plumber if you hear a bang.


Like the human body, the plumbing system in your house is a complex machine with tons of components that keep your water running. Even if these valves, faucets, and bolts are made of long-lasting materials, they’re no strangers to corrosion and water damage.

If your pipes squeal when you turn on your water, it might be due to a few screws and nuts that have worn down or come loose over time. Since even a single missing part can cause a domino effect and jeopardize your whole plumbing system, it’s best to call a professional the moment you hear something.


Gurgling is one of the sounds house owners fear the most, as it can signal a very urgent issue you must tend to as soon as possible. We’ve all been guilty of throwing things down the toilet or sink but adopting this habit can be catastrophic for your drains. 

Certain foods and objects can stick to your pipes, creating build-ups or mineral deposits that only a plumbing expert should handle. If you decide to ignore this issue, accumulated dirt will cause your drain to make gurgling sounds, which might make garbage come up and harm your pipes.


Humming might be the most pleasant sound your pipes can make, but it still indicates a visit from a plumber is in place. Pipes are ready to withstand water at a certain pressure, so when this capacity is higher than their limit, they vibrate and hum.

If you don’t solve the issue, high pressure might take a toll on your pipes, causing irreversible damage. Make sure to call a professional, as they can read and set safe pressure levels for your plumbing system.

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