When your pipes and drains run smoothly, you see no reason to call a professional and check for damage. However, a lack of regular maintenance and detrimental habits to your plumbing system might have you knocking on a professional’s door in no time. Here’re some signs to know if you could use the expert hands of plumbers in Jupiter.

5 Ways to Tell If You Need a Plumber

You Don’t Have Enough Water Pressure

If you’re about to shower or do the dishes and all that comes out are water streaks and drops, it might be time for trained eyes to take a look. More often than not, clogged faucets are to blame since minerals in your water harden and build up. As simple as this issue seems, fixing it yourself could cause more harm than good, so it’s best to let an expert handle it.

When the problem goes beyond a single troublesome shower-head or tap, your pipes could have holes or cracks leaking water. To avoid damage to your house and costly repairs, you should call a plumber as soon as possible.

Water Doesn’t Come Out

If not having enough water doesn’t sound annoying enough, try having a shampooed head or soapy plates and no water to wash them. When you don’t check your pipes at least once every two years, you let acids corrode your plumbing, and sticky everyday substances accumulate in your pipes and cause blockages. A plumber visit is long overdue if no water comes out even after you’ve paid your bills.

Water Doesn’t Heat Up

Water might be coming out perfectly, but when you can’t get it to heat up at will, you’re in for a plumbing problem. Most temperature fluctuations result from issues with your water heater, be it a broken fuse or mineral build-ups. Sometimes, the culprit is the heater’s size, and your tank isn’t strong enough to heat all the rooms in your house.

Whether you have to solve minor maintenance issues or replace your appliance, only a plumber can successfully tackle your cold water problem.

The House Smells Like Sewage

Another common symptom of a plumbing issue is foul odors around the house, especially in the kitchen or bathroom. When sewage-like smells plague your home, regardless of the perfume you spray, one of your sewage pipes could’ve burst. This issue could lead to waste reappearing in your shower or sink drains, putting your health at risk and causing a cleaning nightmare.

You could break these appliances and fill your home with undesired scents when you throw damaging stuff down the toilet or garbage disposal. If you find yourself constantly complaining about awful smells, you should give your plumber a call.

Drains Don’t Do Their Jobs

Finally, when you’re done taking a bath and water doesn’t get out of your tub, your plumber should check out your drains. Clogs are usually the wrongdoers behind this plumbing problem, from hairs to grease and roots. An expert should always look at your pipes to assess the severity of the issue and deal with it accordingly.

Do You Need Expert Plumbers in Jupiter?

Letting plumbing issues be can be costly and put your house and family at risk. You should give our team a call if you notice any strange smells around the house or if your faucets and drains have been acting up. We can help you fix any plumbing issue and prevent future problems from troubling you.

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