Pipes are to your house what veins are to your body: they pump liquids to meet your needs and keep the place running. However, we rarely stop to think about the lifespan of this silent system that provides clean, running water while also getting rid of our waste.

According to professionals, how much time pipes last depends on their material and use, but clogging, water pressure and color, and strange exposed looks are signs any pipe needs plumbing services in Stuart, FL.

How Long Do Pipes Last?

The material of your pipes is one of the leading indicators of how much time they can remain unchanged. Copper and iron pipes usually work for up to 100 years, whereas PVC, the cheaper, more modern option, needs replacement once every 50 years.

Proper care and plumbing maintenance also drastically affect the lifespan of your pipes and can take them from lasting decades to single-digit numbers. Therefore, staying alert for how your pipes and water look is paramount.

Signs Your Pipes Need Replacement

Your Water is Not Crystal-Clear

As a general rule, always go for crystal-clear water. If what comes out of your shower or your toilet has a funny-looking color, such as red, brown, or orange, your pipes are most likely corroded and need checking. Copper and iron are metals that react to hydrogen and oxygen, which wear them out and leave rust in your once-clean water.

Since this situation could be hazardous for your health, you should take it as a sign to call an expert who can provide plumbing services.

Your Pipes Clog Frequently

Your plumbing system may need a makeover if your water looks clean but often has difficulty coming out or exiting your home appliances. Pipes carrying water with minerals are prone to getting sediments, making it harder for water to flow through your plumbing system.

If you’ve tried the old baking soda and vinegar trick to no avail, your pipe problem may be serious and require the eye of a professional plumber.

Water Pressure Is Low

Sometimes it is not whether water is coming in and out, but if its pressure is enough for you to bathe or do the dishes. Mineral or waste sediments can be the culprits behind low pressure, but minor leaks or pinholes in your pipes can also decrease the force of your flowing water.

This problem affects your plumbing system while potentially causing surrounding structures, such as wood floors or concrete walls, to rot and get moldy, which should be cause for concern and have a plumber at your door.

Exposed Pipes Look Old

If there are no problems with your water, looking at the state of your exposed pipes can give you a decent idea of how your plumbing system is. If your pipes show external signs of corrosion, change in their color, or irregular shapes and bumps, there might be a plumbing problem around the corner, and a change of pipes is due.

Looking for Top-Quality Stuart Plumbing Services?

If you have spotted changes in your water or pipes, it may be time for a pipe replacement. At Legacy Plumbing Experts Experts, we aim to provide five-star services and meet your plumbing needs to the best of our abilities. Contact us today to learn more!

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